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PPC stands for pay-per-click. This type of digital advertising is among the most effective on Earth, because of the targeting capabilities. The term pay-per-click means that you only pay for what you use, meaning you can set your budget as high or low as you want, and pay as you go. This is much better for the majority of businesses in comparison to traditional, old-school marketing where you had to pay large sums of money up front. Typical PPC advertising platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube and Amazon.

Facebook & Instagram

Reach Your customers while they are on social media

Facebook and Instagram pay-per-click ads are some of the best available, and are great for getting your product or service in front of a lot of targeted people. We like these a lot because we can create an eye-catching creative (photo or video ad), and get it in front of the right people using Facebook’s targeting system.

Google Adwords & YouTube

show up on google where people are searching

For some businesses, especially local businesses and professional services, Google offers and invaluable option for pay-per-click advertising. When someone is looking for something, they search it in Google. With this form of advertising, we can get it so that when someone searches for what you provide, your business will show up first.


selling a product? get it shown to thousands on amazon

For those that sell products on Amazon, we always recommend pay-per-click ads. Amazon PPC ads are some of the most effective ads on there, because when people go on Amazon, they are looking to buy (this is not always the case with Facebook or Google). They also have their credit card information already uploaded, which makes it even easier to sell. Get your product shown to people who are searching for it, and boost your seller ranking to new heights!

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We can help you with the creation of your advertising content whether it be photos of videos


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We can manage your campaigns across all platforms giving you real-time reporting, suggestions, and more

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