How to Create a Good Headline For Your Ad

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This article is all about how to create a good headline for your ad. It will be short and sweet. This article will mostly focus on Facebook Ads, but the principles within can be applied to virtually any form of ad, as long as it has a headline.

80% of People Will Only Read the Headline

Right away, the most important thing to realize is that about 80% of people will only read your headline and nothing else. These 8 in 10 won’t even bother reading your body text, or if they do, they will only do so if the headline appeals to them. It is essential that you remember this because it will let you know where your main focus should be.

In terms of Facebook ads, you kind of have two headlines. One is the big, black bold text located underneath your creative near the call-to-action button, and the other is the first line of your body text which is located on top of the ad on Facebook, and is the first line of text when the ad is showing on Instagram.

Try to Make the User Identify With Your Ad

One of the best tactics, especially if you are a beginner and/or have limited copywriting experience (copywriting is an art and a science all by itself), is to format your headline in the form of a question. This is one of the easiest ways to get people to identify with your ads, which is more than half the battle. Here is an example:

If you are a realtor in New York and are looking for buyers (ie. people who are looking to hire a realtor to help them buy a new home), then your headline could be “Are you looking to buy a home in New York?” Yes, it really is that simple, but it is so, so effective. If someone is looking to buy a home in New York, they will immediately identify with this headline, and think to themselves, “Yes, yes I am,” and they will proceed to check out your ad even further, and hopefully click through to your website.

If you run a Jiu Jitsu gym in Los Angeles, your ad will be targeting people in your area, and your headline could be “Looking to take up Jiu Jitsu?” Again, so simple, but this is the best option for 90% of advertisers, especially if they have no copywriting experience. In truth, it is one of the better ways to create a headline, even for seasoned copywriting professionals.

You Don’t Try to Sell Them in Your Ad. That is What Your Website is For.

It is a common misconception that you are trying to sell the person something in your ad, whether that be goods or services. That is not true. That is what your website is for. The only purpose of your ad is to get them to click-through to your website, and either buy something from there (if you are selling a product), or to schedule an appointment (if you are selling a service). The only purpose of your ad is to get attention for whatever it is you are selling. Think of it this way. The only purpose of your ad is to get someone to your website and the only purpose of your headline is to get someone to read/look at the rest of your ad. To be successful, we need to think accurately and have the right strategy, and too many people get this part confused.

Make Sure Your Ad Headline is Short Enough that the Person Looking at it Doesn’t Have to Click “See More”

Especially on Facebook and other digital forms of advertising, you need to make sure that they can read your entire headline without clicking the “see more” button. If you have ever ran a Facebook ad before, you will know what I am talking about here. If they have to click “see more” that kind of defeats the purpose, as again, 80% of people won’t do it.

This is all you need to know about how to create a good headline for your ad. You should test multiple different headlines against each other. You will often find that you can get a 10%, 20%, 50%, 100%, or even 500% better click-through-rate just by testing different headlines. Testing is a big part of any advertising campaign, and you never know what people will respond to, so test dozens of different options over time.

Good luck with all of your Facebook Advertising efforts!

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